2001 Hardboard segments

2001 Room with shelfs

2007 Raft

2008 Girl's Room

2008 It Belongs in a Girl's Room#2

2008 It belongs in a girls- room#1

2009 A days Darkness in a Lightbulb

2010 And Where Is My Make-up, To Olympic triumph

2011 Aligning Attribute-Intimate City Shape

2011 Adornment#2

2009 There is an ultimate shape to everything

2012 Obviously it is not a circle if you are not involved

2015 Pending in queue

2017 MakeOver -Eksrummet

2012-2014 Citizen Encounter

2014 Concrete A Step In My Evolution

2016 Acharnes. Olympic village

2017 Volsmose

2016 Series of collages, made with masking tape

2013 Series of collages made with images from newspaper

2013 Series of Collages combining photographs, cardboard

2013 A public display of group opinion. Collage from newspaper

2007 Ink drawings Makeup compositions.

2010 Twosome & Abs Six Pack

2010 Olympia Carved Torso - A Drama In Five Acts                     

2011 Silk Lotion

2009-2012 Photograps -Sculptural body investigations.

2011 Quadro Segmentation

    2012 The Billboard Art Project

2011 Openings Manifestation

2010 Abs Six Pack

2011 Foundation

2006 Series of large drawings

2008 Eye Shine by night in defence

oil-paint on canvas.

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