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Architecture is a shape in space and shapes space. It is a manifestation of a mode of functioning in each culture: each time period expresses the evolution

Of consciousness-its soul- in archetypical architecture. People react in keeping with the depth of their own inner projections to a construct’s height, shape, contour and color, and to the atmosphere it creates. A building defines an area; it organizes and reveals the changes in unconscious and conscious concepts, ideations, and existential and spiritual valuations. As perception alter, eyes gazing at different verticalities and horizontalities experience inward and outer connections in a variety of ways, each making its impact felt in the inner world. When the words ”archetype” and ”architecture” are juxtaposed-as in ”archetypal architecture” the concept may be looked upon as a line, shape or depth perception that manifest itself as an autonomous, a priory image in the collective unconscious.

Bettina Liebowitz Knapp. *ARCHETYPE*, *ARCHITECTURE*


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